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Free Nintendo 64 Emulator download.

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Project64 - A Nintendo 64 emulator

Project64. Project64 was developed as a powerful and useful Nintendo64 emulator which can be used to emulate your favorite games. Project64 creates an environment on your PC under which real N64 . 123 0 165

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pSX Emulator 1.13 - pSX Emulator

pSX Emulator. pSX emulates the Sony Playstation 1, almost everything is emulated (to my knowledge) and most if not all games should run perfectly. One thing that should be noted is that pSX DOES NOT use . 11 0 30

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DyVision Video Tape Emulator - Replicate the audio textures of recordings made on video tape

DyVision Video Tape Emulator. DyVision Video Tape Emulator is a VST plugin especially designed to replicate the audio textures of recordings made on video tape. The plugin is very easy to use and to obtain the desired . 18 0 24

video tape, vst plugin, dyvision video tape emulator

PCSX2 1.0.0 R5350 - An useful and easy to use PS2 emulator

PCSX2. PCSX2 is World's first Playstation 2 emulator . PCSX2 is the first PS2 emulator that intends to show you that commercial games can be fully playable. As you might recognize from the name, it was . 126 0 84

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Shairport4w - Airtunes emulator. "Shairport" for Windows

Shairport4w. Airtunes emulator. "Shairport" for Windows. Stream music wirelessly to your PC from your iPod/iPad/iPhone/iTunes.. 103 0 59

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SoftPerfect Connection Emulator 1.5 - Imitates a network connection with a low bandwidth limit, latency and losses.

SoftPerfect Connection Emulator. The SoftPerfect Connection Emulator (SCE) software is aimed for network application developers , system administrators and network engineers. Software developers creating network-enabled . 51 0 63

softperfect connection emulator 1 5, softperfect connection emulator, network application developers

Virtual Drive 9.0 - DVD/Blu-ray emulator which emulates maximum 18 drives

Virtual Drive. Virtual Drive is a virtual DVD/Blu-ray emulator. It emulates maximum 18 drives and works with DVD/Blu-ray images. For example, to play a Blu-ray backup on PC with PowerDVD 8 or above, you need to use . 1 0 12

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ConEmu Build 130814 - A simple and easy to use console emulator

ConEmu. ConEmu was developed as a simple, accessible and easy-to-use Windows console emulator. It was built in order to represent multiple consoles as one customizable Graphical User Interface window with . 8 0 11

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Dolphin 3.5 - A Gamecube / Wii / Triforce Emulator

Dolphin. Dolphin is a Gamecube, Wii and Triforce (the arcade machine based on the Gamecube ) emulator. Gamecube compatibility is average (lots of games work, many games don't work.). Wii . 9 0 8

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VisualBoyAdvance 1.8.0 Beta - GameBoy and GameBoy Advance emulator

VisualBoyAdvance. VisualBoyAdvance is on of the best GameBoy and GameBoy Advance emulator available at this time. It supports a wide range of features and is compliant with almoast every Game Boy or Game Boy . 18 0 28

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Anyviewsoft Wii Video Converter 3.3.22 - Convert video to Wii video format

Anyviewsoft Wii Video Converter. Anyviewsoft Wii Video Converter is a perfect Converter for Wii video can convert all popular video to Wii video format, so you can enjoy any video on Nintendo Wii anywhere and anytime. . 0 0 7

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AVCWare DPG Converter - Convert various video files to Nintendo DS supported DPG/DPG2/DPG3/DPG4 videos

AVCWare DPG Converter. AVCWare DPG Converter can convert your favorite movies and music in popular formats to Nintendo DS DPG/DPG2/DPG3/DPG4 videos or MP3/MP2 audios for playing them with your Nintendo DS. With it, you can . 2 0 27

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SecureCRT 7.0 - Rock-solid terminal emulator for encrypted Secure Shell (SSH1 & SSH2) sessions

SecureCRT. SecureCRT gives you rock-solid terminal emulation , file transfer , and data tunneling combined with the strong encryption , authentication, and data integrity of the Secure Shell protocol . . 26 0 18

rock solid terminal emulation, encrypt secure shell sessions, securecrt

AlphaCom 6.0 - Powerful - yet inexpensive - multi-session terminal emulator for Windows. Supports...

AlphaCom. Powerful - yet inexpensive - multi-session terminal emulator for Windows . Supports SSH/Telnet/direct RS-232/Modem connections with Linux, ANSI, IBM3151, Wyse 50/50+, Wyse 60, SCO ANSI, VT52, . 15 0 19

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Aiprosoft Wii Video Converter 4.0.07 - Fast speed and amazing quality by Aiprosoft Wii Video Converter

Aiprosoft Wii Video Converter. Aiprosoft Wii Video Converter provides a superior Nintendo Wii video conversion solution . Has ever your sweetie complained of feeling neglected because you spend too much time playing with Wii . 2 0 4

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AudioRealism ABL2+ADM Bundle 1.0 -

AudioRealism ABL2+ADM Bundle. Three plug-ins in one bundle: AudioRealism Bass Line 2 (303 Emulator) AudioRealism Drum Machine (809,909,606 Emulator). 37 0 28

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Aiseesoft DVD to DPG Converter 5.0.12 - Convert DVD to DPG/DPG2/DPG3/DPG4 video formats and MP3, MP2 audio formats.

Aiseesoft DVD to DPG Converter. Aiseesoft DVD to DPG Converter is the powerful DVD to DPG converter software to convert DVD to DPG for Nintendo DS fans. For it can convert DVD to DPG/DPG2/DPG3/DPG4 video formats and MP3, MP2 . 5 0 10

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Ape Free 3.0 - Apache emulator for IIS 7. Implements .htaccess configurations inside IIS.

Ape Free. Apache emulator for IIS 7 . Implements . htaccess configurations inside IIS . Includes following modules: mod_rewrite , mod_proxy , mod_auth , mod_gzip , mod_headers , mod_cache , mod_expires, . 3 0 21

apache emulator for iis 7, htaccess configurations inside iis, client cache features

PuTTY 0.62 - Free implementation of Telnet and SSH for Win32 and Unix platforms.

PuTTY. PuTTY is a free implementation of Telnet and SSH for Win32 and Unix platforms, along with an xterm terminal emulator . What's New in This Release: · Port to Unix! · Dynamic SSH port . 5 0 24

free implementation of telnet and ssh, to leave dns lookups to the proxy, xterm terminal emulator

Axessh Windows SSH Client and SSH Server 4.0 - SSH Client for Windows, secure the connections to your remote systems

Axessh Windows SSH Client and SSH Server. Axessh is a Windows SSH client. It is a super terminal emulator/telnet client for Windows. It provides SSH capabilities to Axessh without sacrificing any of existing functionality. Furthermore, . 9 0 19

windows ssh client, terminal emulator, telnet client

DAEMON Tools Lite - Advanced application for multiprotection emulation

DAEMON Tools Lite. DAEMON Tools Lite is a professional application designed for multiprotection emulation . DAEMON Tools is further development of the Generic Safedisc emulator incorporating all its features. . 44 0 26

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Advanced Mailbox Password Recovery 1.09 - Instantly recover passwords to email, POP3 and IMAP accounts

Advanced Mailbox Password Recovery. Instantly recover passwords to email , POP3 and IMAP accounts with Advanced Mailbox Password Recovery . The locally stored login and password information is recovered instantly and automatically . 4 0 12

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Clikka Mouse Free 1.6.2 - Software designed for people suffering from disabilities to perform mouse clicks

Clikka Mouse Free. This handy application allows physically disabled people to control the functions of the mouse . This can be done both in Windows and in any other program which requires the use of a mouse device: . 7 0 10

control the functions of the mouse, mouse emulator programs, clikka mouse free 1 6 2

CheatBook 2013 1.0 - Video game cheats and walkthroughs

CheatBook 2013. CheatBook is a database that contains more than 20,000 cheats and walkthroughs for console and PC video games , including XBox 360, Playstation, Nintendo DS, PSP, iPhone, Wii and others. The . 6 0 33

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Windroy 4.0.3 - Run Android on your personal computer and test various applications

Windroy. Windroy is a useful application that was designed to emulate all the functions of Android and provide you with a means of enjoying all the features of this OS right onto your computer . Windroy . 2,292 0 1,518

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